Vastu (Generic science) and Interior Decoration

Vastu provides some guidelines for the interior decoration of the house. The Interior is primarily divided into two zones positive and negative. Vastu clarifies to keep positive zones light as compared to negative zones. Heavy furniture and objects should be placed in negative zones which are the south, west, and southwest directions whereas light furniture can be placed in positive zones which are in the north, east, and northeast directions.

Placement of Furniture as Per Vastu
Sofa set should be placed in the south and west portion of the room. The person sitting on the sofa should face north or east directions.
Bed should be kept in the southwest direction of the bedroom leaving the southwest corner.
Almirah having valuables or jewelry should be kept in the southwest of the room leaving the southwest corner. It should be opened towards the North.
Dining table can be placed in the north-west of the kitchen, living room, or dining room.
Study table should be placed in the North or East of the room. 
Aquarium in the North, East, or North-east as good as it has water. The North, East, and North-east are directions of water.

Paintings and Statues
DO’SPaintings of natural scenes like sunrise, waterfall, etc. are suggested by Vastu
DONT’SThe paintings depicting scenes of war, violence should be ignored. The statue of God should be avoided in the bedroom. Heavy statues should not be kept in the North-east of the room and house. 

Electrical Appliances
DO’SHeating appliances like gas, ovens, microwaves should be kept in southeast directions. Geyser should also be installed in the south-east of the bathroom. Cooler, A.C, and Fridge should be placed in the northwest of the room. T.V can be placed in the North, East, or Southeast of the room.
DONT’S  Electrical appliances should be avoided in the north-east of the room.  

DO’SPrefer curtains of light color for bedroom. The curtains of dark colors can be used in the living room.
DONT’S  Red and black color curtains in the bedroom should be ignored

DO’SMirrors should be placed on the north and east walls of the room.
DONT’S Mirrors are strictly a big no in the study room and opposite to bed in the bedroom.

Indoor Plants
DO’SIndoor plants are very popular in home decoration. 
DONT’S Big plants should not sowed in the north-east of the house. Cactus and thorny plants are not meant for the home. 

Paint Colors
DO’SThe paint of light color is good as per Vastu. Prefer light blue, green, pink, and cream color for rooms.
DONT’S Red and black colors are not good for the residence.

Mosaic, Ceramic Tile, and Marble are good choices for flooring. Avoid white marble in rooms. This is considered auspicious for the Pooja room and Temples. 

The flat ceiling is good for residential purposes. The ceiling of a room should not be elevated. 

Lighting should be bright in the house because dim light is not favorable for the residents of the house. 

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