When it comes to crafting the perfect WFH space, every design enthusiast knows that the right furniture can make or break a space. Choosing the right pieces can elevate your entire home aesthetic.       
1.OXIDIZED OAK”Go with the old oxidized oak. 2020 will bring more table furniture and storage cabinetry that is a blackened (dark color) version of white oak. It will provide a stylish and confident look for the people who are looking for in their spaces.”

2.MULTIFUNCTIONAL FURNITURE “Life feels uncertain and chaotic right now. People want more and more to simplify their homes and interiors. To that end, we believe we will be seeing more multifunctional furniture after the pandemic, like this multifunctional table, and much more.

3. GEOMETRIC PATTERNSWe’re moving away from tight tribal repeats and more into loose, over-scaled, and asymmetrical shapes. Geometric bold patterns will be much in trend and perfectly imperfect will be the new mantra for interiors. 

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