All you need to know before buying a Chimney

Indian loves cooking which involves a lot of frying, grilling using a lot of oil and masalas but it also leaves its impression on your kitchen tiles and ceiling.  After a certain period of time grime gathers on the cabinets and over-the-counter appliances. More than cooking, it’s all about cleaning the kitchen.

An electric chimney that starts from 8k and ranges up to 54k  sucks the air inside the kitchen. The air then passes through the filters which absorb the heat and trap the grease particles thereby removing fumes and odor and ventilates your kitchen keeping it fresh and odor-free.

Ducting or extracting: How it functions: The air that is sucked in passes through the filters. Grease and grime adhere to the filters and the air is expelled out through PVC pipes or a duct. It requires plumbing installation. The number of bends and the length of the hose pipe affects the suction power.  The filter used is either a mesh or baffle filter.
Recycling or ductless: How it functions: It has a fan or blower and motor. The air passes through the grease filter which traps grease particles. The air then passes through the charcoal filters which absorb the heat, smoke, and odors. The purified air is circulated back into the kitchen.

Filters: A filter is the heart of the Electric Chimney. It traps the oil particles and purifies the air.
On the basis of material and construction filters are of three types.

Mesh Filter: Layers of Aluminum mesh overlapping each other slightly offset. The mesh has very small holes. When the air passes through the filter, oil, and grime adhere to the layers. The pores get clogged very soon and affect the performance of the chimney. It requires cleaning every fortnight.
Higher maintenance and frequent cleaning are needed. It can be cleaned in warm soapy water/detergent or in the dishwasher too. The cleaning is easier than baffle filters.

Baffle Filter: Layers of steel/aluminum are overlapped in a fashion that changes the direction of airflow. It separates oil and spices from the smoke by using the ‘cut and chops’ technology. It’s Perfect for the Indian style of cooking.
Maintenance: Needs cleaning once in 5-6 months. Gets rusted with use. Some models have easy removal others require a technician. The filters need a change in 4-5 yrs.
Charcoal Filters: They are primarily used for odor absorption. It has a block with charcoal granules. The absorption capacity depends upon the thickness of the filter and the size of charcoal granules. It is used in Ductless chimneys. It does not come in-built in always but available at an extra cost.
Maintenance: Needs periodical replacement 3-6 months depending upon the intensity of cooking. It cannot be washed.  Some high-end models have indicators for a filter change.

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